Sunday, March 29, 2009

Driewer Family Photos – Set 2

This set of four photos consists of Heinrich and Dorothea Driewer with three of their sons (This photo was probably taken about 1880 in Germany. 1910 Census states that Dorothea had 8 children but only 5 living), Emma Driewer daughter of Heinrich and Dorothea with niece Clara Driewer daughter of Charles and Mary Rehrs Driewer, Gustav Driewer son of Heinrich and Dorothea who married Freda Hankel, and Emma Driewer who married Richard F. Zierott. The photo of Emma and Clara was taken by Henderson of York, Nebraska and the photos of Gustav and Emma were taken by the Elarton Studio of Aurora, Nebraska.

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Elena said...

I am curious about your comment about the Elarton Photography Studio of Aurora Nebraska. I have a picture of my grandmother and grandfather before they were married and were joining the Brethren Church in Aurora. The picture was taken around 1904. The picture is taken in the church with them and all the other people joining the church and it is stamped Elarton in all capital letters at the bottom. I am curious if you know anything more about this studio. I have quite a few old photos from Hamilton County as my great grandparents, grandparents and mom all lived there. My email is